A Platform Perfect for Communicating with Tenants

In an era where time is of the essence, using technology to facilitate your daily life is no longer a luxury. Technological tools carry out some of your tasks, so you can save time. Moreover, some software and applications can automatically perform specific tasks when the data is already on the platform. Communicating with tenants is a big part of property owners and managers’ daily life. Managing communication can be difficult, and, if you do not use the proper tools, it might waste your precious time. Which tools are available to you?

The Advantages of a Portal to Manage Your Communications with Your Tenants

Having a portal for your tenants will facilitate the management of your communications. Your tenants can carry out certain tasks, which will save you time and energy. How does it work?

1. You can send them their renewal notice or their notice of rent increase directly on the portal. No need to have them sign an acknowledgement of receipt. You can see exactly when they receive and open it, and they can accept or refuse it on the platform.

2. On the portal, tenants can request a repair and follow its progress, file a complaint, renew or consult their lease, etc. All the communications between the tenants and the manager or the owner happens on the portal. The tenants can send you any message via email or text message directly on the platform.

3. The platform not only facilitates communication, it also makes it easier to exchange information. Indeed, tenants can update their personal information on the platform.

Are you convinced of the portal’s usefulness? If so, you can enjoy it with our property management and accounting software, Proprio Expert. Spend the time you save on what matters to you!

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