The Building tab allows you to add the buildings you manage. First of all, before adding, you must make sure that you are in good company. If you have several companies, you must select the one for which you want to add a building from the Company, List of Companies tab. If you see the name of the right company above the list of properties, then you can continue and click on add to enter the different information.

The information to enter for a building are:

A) If you choose the simplified view mode (at the bottom left of the add, building window):
The company: you choose for which company you want to add a building by selecting it from the drop-down list.
Address: Enter the address: civic number, street, city, country, province and postal code.
Expense Allocation Information: You select the date for which you want to allocate operating expenses among different buildings according to the amount you specify later in Distribution Key.
The owner: you select the owner from the registered contacts; if it is not already registered, you can add one by clicking on the add button.
Contacts: you enter the information of the various contacts related to your building: the manager, the concierge and the emergency contact; you can either add one by entering its information or select one from your contact list by clicking select.
B) If you choose the detailed view mode (at the bottom left of the add, building window):
All the information entered above in addition to the following:

The building: year of construction, cadastre, number of apartments, dimensions of the land, price and date of purchase, valuation, taxes, mention of partial competence. The mortgage will be calculated according to the payments made in the Expenditure tab in terms of Capital and Interest paid. This information will appear in the building fact sheet when viewing one in the list of buildings.
Photo: You can add a photo by selecting a file that you will save on your computer.
Documents: you can add documents such as the certificate of location, building regulations, other documents simply by uploading them in the same way as photos.
Provider: This section allows you to target potential suppliers and unofficial agreements made with them. These agreements are not used for any calculation and are only indicative.
N.B. This information is for descriptive purposes and is not used in any calculation. However, they allow to locate the building and to further deepen the information.