he Apartment tab allows you to view the apartments for each of the buildings you have entered. To add an apartment, click on add. The information to enter for an apartment are:

A) If you are in simplified view mode (by selecting it in the lower left window):
The Company and the Building: select the right company and then the right building from the drop-down lists of choice.
The address: civic number, street, apartment number, city, country, province and postal code.
Additional information: number of rooms, the area of ​​the apartment, residential or commercial: if it is commercial, it ticks commercial and the apartment will be taxable.
The sevices included: we tick those included among: stove, washer / dryer, furnished, semi-furnished, heating, electricity, hot water.
B) If you select the detailed view mode (by clicking on detailed view mode in the lower left window):
All the information entered above in addition to the following:

Information: number of rooms, number of floors, key / card, gas meter, electric meter.
Photo: You can add a photo by selecting a file that you will save on your computer.
Notes: additional notes.
N.B. This information is for descriptive purposes and is not used in any calculation. However, they allow to locate the apartment and to further deepen the information.

Once your apartments are entered, you can view the list of these by building in addition to their status (vacant, rented, occupied, vacant, billed, not invoiced, with work, to renew / increase, reserved).