Manage your tenants, their leases and all their information!

Improve the management of your income properties by having access to the information of your tenants centrally and being able to print their lease from the software.

Manage your accounting like a pro

Manage your Revenues and Expenses while being able to print your financial statements or make the status of the cuts or investments to be made.

Have access to information everywhere, even on the road

Have your information at your fingertips at any time because Real Estate Manager is mobile and is even available as an application!

Make the state of your finances and save!

Improve the management of your income properties by knowing where your money is going, how much you are paying for each building, what your expenses are, all within full reports.

Increase your productivity

Having all the information in your real estate will save you lots of time and energy while giving you peace of mind. No real estate software is as complete and user-friendly.

Keep full control of your real estate!

The management of leases, letters, works, accounting, litigation, nothing will frighten you since you will have the tools to overcome all aspects of property management!

Keep an eye on your property management

On the go or traveling, it’s easy with Proprio Expert, no facilities to do updates in real time and share access with various levels of permissions. Proprio Expert is the most advanced web real estate software in Quebec! It is used on all platforms connected to the internet.

  • Access to your data everywhere
  • Management of service calls, works, appointments
  • Leases of Régie du logement
  • Real estate dashboard
  • Detailed income and expenses

Real estate dashboard

Proprio Expert Web warns you when you have one or more vacant apartments, rents with balance, tenant requests to analyze, appointments to your agenda, maintenance and repairs to be done and more

Automated Letters and Notices

Imagine letters that are written alone, addressed to the right tenant with the information that concerns him as his address, the amount of delay for his rent or the price of his next lease. This is the reality offered by Proprio Expert which also offers you to communicate by email directly from its interface. Sent emails are also kept in memory for future tracking.

Printing Leases

The leases of Proprio Expert Web can be printed in filled or blank format to be delivered to the tenant (template of the Régie du Logement). You also have the possibility to book an apartment and complete the lease later by entering only some information. Proprio Expert Web is an indispensable tool for property managers anxious to maximize their time!

Contact Management

Everything is in the same place: file and complete contact details of your tenants, their endorsers, your concierges, your suppliers and even digitized contracts that you have linked to their profile! Efficient and accessible, this directory has a powerful search engine to find anyone in your real estate stakeholders!

Real Estate Accounting

Detailed expenses

Justifying an increase in rent is easy when you know the amount invested in maintenance and repairs per apartment. This is what Proprio Expert Web will allow you to do via its hyper-simple interface to use. You can also create a recurrence for any expense if it returns regularly or even distribute one or more items between different assignments automatically!

Rent Management

Knowledge is power: knowing exactly where your money is going, you’ll be able to make informed decisions about your property management. Rely on financial statements by company, building or apartment, by month and by year, accessible in real time.
All this, with a comprehensive real estate web software designed in Québec!