Built-In Text Messages and Emails with Proprio Expert

The Proprio Expert software has all the tools you need to efficiently manage your properties.

For example, you will be able to easily send text messages and emails, which will simplify your communication with your employees and your tenants.

Did you know that there are many free or paid products and services offered on the Internet to help your property management? For example,…

  • To list your vacant units, there is: LesPac, Kijiji, or Facebook. Other platforms like Kangalou, ClicAppart, or AppartMap are also available.
  • To efficiently manage your pre-authorized debits, there is Otonom Solution.
  • To manage your accounting, there are online software, such as Quickbooks, and traditional software, such as Sage, Acomba, or Excel.
  • To help with your communication, there is, among others, Sonum. Other platforms like Mailchimp can help with mass communication.

As you can see, you can find many tools on the Internet to help you with various tasks of your property management.

Unfortunately, these tools are not all built into your property management software.

The Proprio Expert software has various tools and partners (Kangalou, Clic Appart, AppartMap) to help you manage every aspect of your property on a single platform.

To Simplify All Types of Communications

Directly in your property management and accounting software, you have access to many communication tools. Still, what exactly does that mean?

Let us use your communication with your employees and your tenants as an example: keep track of your repairs, your snow removal notifications, or your rental applications. Managing your communications will be easier, as everything will be in one place.

Moreover, since your employees and your tenants are more and more connected, mass mailing is the way to go.

You can send mass communications by email and text message.

Of course, you can also send personal messages if need be.

Thanks to Proprio Expert, you also benefit from the tenant communication portal, which allows your tenants to request maintenance, file complaints, follow the progress of the renovations in their unit, consult their lease, and accept renewal notices. Additionally, you can create letters and notices or modify our templates. You can also access your previous exchanges in the “Communications” tab. This way, your communications are documented, and you know that they were carried out: they act as proof!

Save time, manage efficiently, and stay on one platform to carry out all your communications! Think Proprio Expert.

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