Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Yes, Proprio Expert is compatible with Mac when you have an emulator and a version of Windows installed on your Mac. It only works with the Windows operating system. However, it is still possible to install Windows on Mac and make it work without problems (check with a computer technician for an emulator or other).

Yes it’s possible. By configuring the main computer (server), it is possible to network additional extensions using the No-IP software for remote connections. It is then necessary to have access to the router (access codes) to be able to proceed. This service is free for service plansubscribers and costs $ 150 per post for people without the plan. Click here for the procedure for configuring a LAN.

P.S We have a web version of proprio expert and it does not require any additional configuration in order to be able to work and multi-user.

Proprio Expert is a software available on the Windows platform (installed on a computer), while Proprio Expert Web is a web application, compatible with all smart devices. So you can access your data anywhere, anytime.

Proprio Expert allows advanced accounting (billing, collection, expenses, disbursements, bank reconciliation, deposit slips, pre-authorized payments and more). It is ideal for managers wishing to thoroughly analyze all their data (more than 100 reports available).

Proprio Expert Web offers advanced management and accounting similar to the software version. (collection of rent, expenses, bank reconciliation, deposit slips, payments, financial support). The web version is ideal for owners and managers who want access to their management anywhere, anytime.

Yes, with both versions of Proprio Expert.

For the software version, just add additional posts and configure the database network (refer to question 2), it is possible to work simultaneously on the software. in addition to giving different levels of access to users (modifications on some modules only, read-only, etc.).
Click here to learn how to manage access to the software or sections of it to different users.

For the web version, just create users for each person on your team and the trick is played

The Service Plan is optional (but strongly suggested) support that includes many benefits to help you in your use of Proprio Expert. This plan is billed annually and includes:

  • All software updates
  • Unlimited technical support
  • Consulting data on the web
  • Back up data on Magex servers
  • Free online training
  • And much more.
    * The price varies depending on the number of jobs and the number of units managed.

P.S For the web version the service plan is included on your monthly or annual subscription

Yes! The data of Proprio Expert version home are exportable to the Web version of Proprio Expert. With the exception of your accounting data, you will find all the information relating to your companies, buildings, etc. on the Web.
If you are interested in this service, contact us for substantial discounts.

No! Proprio Expert software version and web version are two separate software and we do not recommend using both simultaneously. In this case, both licenses should be paid separately and duplicate data entered. For subscribers to the Proprio Expert Service Plan, it is possible to consult the lists of contacts on the web by exporting them to a website.

Backup copies of Proprio Expert can be done in several ways. First of all, it should be noted that a backup copy is automatically performed every 60 minutes on your computer. However, it does not secure your data in the event that your computer stops working.

We recommend that you make manual copies on your computer, USB drive, or external drive. For Service Plan subscribers, you can also send data to Magex servers at no charge.

For the web version. copies are made automatically on our servers.