Property Accounting

Online electronic payments

Collect your rent online with Proprio Expert’s electronic payment service. You no longer need to travel or use checks to collect your money. Automate recurring payments, send reminders to your tenants, track your rent collection in real time and take advantage of the accounting entries automatically entered in the software after each transaction!

Detailed Revenue and Expenses

It is easy to justify a rent increase when you know how much you invested in maintenance and repairs for each unit. Thanks to Proprio Expert, you can do just that. Moreover, any expense can be recurring or divided between units, properties, and companies automatically!

Financial Statements and Cash Flow

Knowledge is power! By knowing exactly where your money is going, you can make informed decisions regarding your property management. Base your decisions on monthly or yearly financial statements for every company, property, or unit; they are all accessible in real time.

Property Management

Electronic Leases

Proprio Expert’s leases can be filled out and signed on the platform before you send them to the tenants (template of the Tribunal administratif du logement). You can also reserve units and fill out the lease later by entering a few details. Proprio Expert is essential for property managers that wish to save time!

Automated Letters and Notices

Imagine letters and notices that write themselves, addressed to the right tenant with information that concerns them, such as their address, the amount of their late payment, or the amount of their rent increase.

Thanks to Proprio Expert, not only can you do that, but you can also send emails and text messages directly on the platform. Of course, the communications are archived for future reference.

Property Management Dashboard

Proprio Expert notifies you when you have one or more vacant units, unpaid rents, rental applications, appointments, and repair and maintenance requests, so you can easily keep track of your property management!

List of Real Estate Contacts

Everything is in one place; the files and contact information of your tenants and their endorsers, your janitors, your suppliers, and other contacts that you link to your profile are on the platform! Efficient and accessible, this contact list has a search bar that allows you to quickly find any of your real estate contacts. 

Do It All Thanks to an Efficient Web-Based Property Management Software Designed in Québec!