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How to Enter a Recurring Expense

You can watch the video procedure or follow the instructions below.

Steps to Follow

1. Go to the “Accounting” tab and the “Expenses” subtab.

2. Click on “Add” at the top right.

3. Select the supplier.

4. Select the entity to which the expense is assigned (company, property, unit, etc.). The expense is assigned to the entity for which you bought something (service, object, etc.).

5. Select the account to which the expense is assigned.

6. Describe the expense, and enter the unit price.

7. Tick “Taxable” if the item is taxable.

8. To enter more than one item, click on “Add an item”, and repeat steps 5, 6, and 7.

9. Select the first date of the recurring expense (e.g. depending on the recurrence you choose, if you select May 21th, the expense could be generated the 21st day of every month).

10. Tick “Recurring”, and choose the recurrence (“Every 1 month(s) x 12” means once a month for a period of twelve months; “Every 2 week(s) x 6” means once every two weeks for a period of twelve weeks [two weeks times six]; etc.). 

11. Enter a unique expense number.

12. Click on “Finish.”

You have now created a recurring expense.

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