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How to Create a Communiqué

You can watch the video procedure or follow the instructions below.


1. Go to the “Communications” tab and the “Communiqués” subtab.

2. Click on “Add” at the top right.

3. Enter the title of the communiqué and the message you want the attendees to receive.

4. Select the date of the communiqué, and enter the time and the duration if it is a meeting.

5. If you want to attach a document to the message, click on “Select a file” in the “Documents” section.

6. Click on “Select the attendees” to select the people that are a part of the communiqué.
Note that the attendees can only be users of the software.

7. Select the attendees, and click on “OK.”

8. If the meeting takes place online, write the display text for the link if necessary and paste the link of the meeting.

9. Click on “Finish.”

You have now created a communiqué.

The participants will see the communiqué on their dashboard when they open Proprio Expert. You can send the communiqué to outsiders, but they will not be able to interact with the communiqué.

Transcription of the Subtitles

Here is how you create a communiqué.

Go to the “Communications” tab and the “Communiqués” subtab, and click on “Add.”

Enter the title of the communiqué. For example, it can be “Board of directors meeting.”

Write the message that you want to send to the participants.

Select the date of the communiqué, and the time and duration if the communiqué is for a meeting.

If you want to attach a document to this communiqué, such as the agenda of the meeting, click on “Select a file,” browse your computer, and upload the document.

Now, you can click on “Select the participants” to select the users that will see this communiqué on their dashboard. Note that only users of the software can be participants of a communiqué. In other words, you can only select the contacts that are also users.

Once you have selected the participants, click on “OK.”

When you are done creating this communiqué, click on “Finish.”

The participants will see this communiqué in their Proprio Expert dashboard. They will then be able to add comments to the communiqué. Every participant will see these comments.