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How to Create a Supplier When Creating an Expense

You can watch the video procedure or follow the instructions below.


1. Once you click on “Add” in the “Accounting” tab and the “Expenses” subtab, click on “+” next to “Select the supplier.”

2. Enter the name of the supplier and any other information you deem necessary (like the type and/or the account).

3. Click on “Finish.”

4. Finish creating the expense, and click on “Finish.”

You have now created a supplier when creating an expense.

Transcription of the Subtitles

Here is how you create a supplier when entering an expense.

Go to the “Accounting” tab and the “Expenses” subtab, and click on “Add.”

In the “Supplier” section, click on the plus sign.

Enter the name of the supplier, and click on “Finish.”

Now, you can finish entering the expense.

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