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How to Send a Late Payment Notice to a Tenant

You can watch the video procedure or follow the instructions below.


1. Go to the “Letters” tab.

2. Click on “Late payment” in the “Accounting” section.

3. In the “Include” section, tick the elements that you want to include in the notices.

4. Check that the notices contain the correct information.

5. Click on “Send” at the top right to send the notices to the tenants.

6. Check that “Individual Email” is ticked to make sure that the tenants only receive their own late payment notice. Otherwise, a single email with all the notices will be sent to every tenant.

7. Write a message if necessary.

8. Click on “Send.”

You have now created and sent a late payment notice.

Transcription of the Subtitles

Here is how you send a late payment notice to a tenant.

Go to the “Letters” subtab, and click on “Late payment.”

The software will automatically include all the tenants with one or more late payments.

You can tick any option in the “Include” section if you want to include other elements in the notice, such as an acknowledgement of receipt, the number of overdue days, etc.

Next, click on “Send” in the upper right corner.

The software will have already selected the recipients according to who has a late payment notice.

Click on “Send,” and the email will be sent to the recipients.