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Proprio Expert Web: Version: 16.9.0

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When you activate the partner MovingWaldo, every lease that you sign will be followed-up with an email giving access to your futur tenants to the free MovingWaldo platform.

Want to learn more, click here.

Want to activate the partner, click here


RL-31 slips (The button will be seeable from december 1st to february 28th)

Proprio Expert now sends the RL-31 slips automatically to the government. You don’t need to add it manually to Revenu Québec’s website anymore. Just add your Transmitter number and the sequence of identification numbers that Revenu Quebec provides. Then press transmit.

You can now sends the RL-31 slips via email from Proprio Expert to your tenants, no need to print anymore. Once it’s sent, you can use the certified email status in the email tab to know if you tenant received his RL-31 slips.


The N4 notice is a 14-day notice to pay the rent or move out by the termination date.




The TPZ1029 is intended for any syndicate of co-owners/owners that manages a building in which a person lives who is 70 or older and is claiming the tax credit for home-support services for seniors.

Example: Group Track Redirects To Investigation Dialog.

Example:Rental Board Lease Redirects To Lease Print Dialog.

Example: Esign-Connect Redirects To Letters Dialog.