How to Add Photos to a Property

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This video procedure is available with English subtitles. Start the video, click on “⚙️” and on “Subtitles,” and choose “English (Canada).”

Steps to Follow

1. Go to the “Data” tab and the “Properties” subtab.

2. Click on the property.

3. Click on “Edit” at the top right.

4. In the fourth page of the dialog box, click on “Select a file” to add the photos.

5. Browse your computer, and upload up to ten photos of the property.

6. Click on “Finish.”

You have now added photos to a property.

Transcription of the Subtitles

To add photos to a property, go to the “Data” tab and the “Properties” subtab.

Click on the property in question.

Click on “Edit.”

Now, click on the fourth page in the lower left corner.

Click on “Select a file,” and browse your computer to find the photos.

Please note that you can only upload up to 10 photos.

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