How to Advertise Your Units on Our Rental Portals

How to Advertise Your Units on Our Rental Portals

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Steps to Follow

To advertise your vacant units on our partners’ websites (AppartMap, Appartogo, Clic Appart, and Kangalou), you must activate them in the “Integrations” tab.

1. Go to the “Advertising” tab.

2. Select the vacant units that you want to advertise on the portals.

3. In the “Partners” section, select the websites where you want to advertise your units.

4. Click on “Advertise units” at the top right.

Our partners will send your username, password, and login link to you via email. This way, you can validate your units’ details on each website.

5. To link Proprio Expert’s rental portal on your personal website, click on “Links” at the top right.

6. Copy the line of code (it starts with “<a href”) and paste it on your website.

You can now advertise your units on our rental portals.

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