How to Create a Lease

How to Create a Lease

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This video procedure is available with English subtitles. Start the video, click on “⚙️” and on “Subtitles,” and choose “English (Canada).”

Steps to Follow

1. In the selector at the top left, make sure that you have selected the unit for which you want to create a lease.

3. Click on “Add” at the top right.

4. Add the tenant(s) and the landlord(s), or select them if they are already in your contact list.

5. If you have more than one tenant or landlord, click on “Add” at the bottom left of each section.

6. Click on “Next.”

7. Enter the duration dates of the lease, and click on “Next.”

8. Enter the rent, the payment method, the location of payment, and any other information you deem necessary.

9. Click on “Finish.”

You have now created a lease.

Transcription of the Subtitles

To add a lease, go to the “Data” tab and the “Leases” subtab.

In the selector in the upper left corner, click on the unit for which you want to create a lease.

Next, click on “Add.” Fill out the required fields.

In the section on the right, you can add a representative for the company or the property.

If the tenant has an endorser, you can add them here as well.

If this lease has more than one tenant, click on “Add” to add another tenant section.

When everything is filled out, click on “Next.”

Now, add the duration dates of the lease.

Once you have entered the dates, click on “Next.” Enter the rent.

Choose the payment method and the place of payment for the rent.

Fill out the rest of the lease with information you deem necessary.

Check that each section contains the correct information.

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