Thanks to your very own moving concierge service and platform, your relationship with new tenants is sure to be off to a great start!

MovingWaldo is 100% free.

It’s true, MovingWaldo is completely free. The company’s income comes from its suppliers.

For example, when your tenant chooses their Internet provider or fills an insurance quote, the collaborators will pay MovingWaldo. Everybody wins!

The services offered on the platform are tailored to your property’s location.

Offer Your Tenants a Stress-Free Move Now

Who Knew Moving Could Be So Easy!

Discount for Your Tenants

Automatic Change of Address


Moving Checklist

At-Home Help

Important Reminders

Simple Activation

No contract. No fees. Many advantages for your real estate company.

Step 1

In Proprio Expert, go to the "Integrations" tab.

Step 2

Activate MovingWaldo.

Step 3

Once you sign the electronic lease, your tenants will receive an email with their free access to the MovingWaldo platform!