Pre rental survey

Online pre-rental survey

Choosing a new tenant keeps you awake at night?

Save time and money with Proprio Expert and Groupe Trak! We take care of your credit checks directly right from our platform.

No more restless nights, we have got your credit checks covered!

Subscription to Proprio Expert required

In order to have access to our online pre-leasing service, you must have an active subscription to Proprio Expert’s platform.

Carry Out Your Credit Checks in 3 Easy Steps

Fill Out a Pre-Rental Form

Do you use the Proprio Expert rental portal or advertise your vacant units on our partners’ websites, such as Kangalou, Clic Appart, AppartMap? Do you advertise your units on Facebook Marketplace, Kijiji, or any other platform?

Have your potential tenants fill out a rental application using the Proprio Expert software. No need to use multiple platforms.

Thanks to the rental application, you can save time because the necessary fields of the credit check and the electronic lease are pre-filled.

Electronic Consent

The potential tenant receives an email, which contains a link to the consent form they need to complete. They must submit a valid ID to identify themselves.

Send the Credit Check, and Wait for the Results

Following the credit check, you will receive, via email, a secure link to the report. Are you satisfied with the results of the credit check? Sign an electronic lease with Proprio Expert! The personal information that the tenant entered in their rental application will automatically be in their electronic lease!

Sign an Electronic Lease

Are you happy with the results of the credit check? Do you wish to move forward with this tenant?

Complete an electronic lease of the Tribunal administratif du logement with the information retrieved from the rental application. A lease that practically fills itself out, isn’t that ideal?

Choose Your Package

Unsure of what you need? Let us help you!


$ 19
+ taxes
  • Detailed credit check
  • Credit score
  • Identity verification


$ 45
+ taxes
  • Detailed credit check
  • Credit score
  • Identity verification *
  • Current landlord verification
  • Current employer verification


$ 57
+ taxes
  • Detailed credit check
  • Credit score
  • Identity verification *
  • Current landlord verification
  • Current employer verification
  • Criminal record check (Quebec)
  • Verification at the Tribunal administratif du logement

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Your privacy is our priority, which is why every piece of information we collect is encrypted and kept on a confidential platform with a restricted access. All of Trak Group’s employees undergo a thorough background check and are bound by a confidentiality agreement.

Trak Group sends the potential tenant an email containing the link to the consent form. With the form, the tenant must provide a valid ID to confirm their identity.

We constantly work to provide you with the best customer experience, which is why we have a phone line dedicated to technical support. Please feel free to contact us at 1-800-318-8855 or by email at

The time required to receive your final report depends on the verifications you ordered. Once we receive the signed consent form, the delays applicable go as follows:

  • Basic package: 4 business hours.
  • Intermediate/complete package: In the following 4 business hours, you will receive a preliminary report presenting the results of the credit check and criminal background check. You will receive the final report within 3 business days.

It is important to understand that fast results are guaranteed because of our freedom to access the information. However, for the verification of the landlord and employer, the delay for the reception of the final report depends on the speed of response of the references.

The last line of the credit check presents the following elements:

  • Credit Utilization refers to the percentage of credit outstanding to the larger loan available to the candidate as of the date of the file.
  • High credit refers to the highest amount ever owed by the candidate.
  • Balance refers to the total amount due by the candidate as of the date of the file.

To use the credit in your name, simply send an email to with the new applicant’s information. It is necessary to include the email address, telephone number, full name, date of birth of the new candidate, and the file number of your original request.

(Entirely offered by the Trak Group)

If your candidate withdraws from the process, a partial refund is available, but a $10 administrative fee is applicable.

An alternative is to open a credit under your name for 100% of the price paid so that your next credit check is already paid for.