Prepare your RL-31 slip with Magex Technologies

By request of the Government, the return RL-31 slip, information on the occupancy of a dwelling on December 31, must be produced and forwarded no later than February 29, 2016.
The statement must be produced by any owner (person or partnership) who rented a unit for which rent was paid or was payable on December 31st.
Magex Technologies allows you to meet this obligation by using Proprio Expert or Proprio Expert Web management software. In a few clicks you can prepare the file to send to Revenu Québec and print the form for each tenant. This feature is included in your Proprio Expert Service Plan and in your Proprio Expert Web subscription.

Consult the complete procedure for preparing and sending by Revenu Québec services:

Proprio Expert:
Proprio Expert Web:
To produce statements 31, you must have your preparer number and your identification number provided by Revenu Québec. To request your preparator number, go to:

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