Proprio Expert features

Proprio Expert Features



Proprio Expert Web
Proprio Expert Desktop
Managing your company
Managing your property
Managing your units
Managing your contacts
Managing your suppliers
Managing your electronic leases compliant with the Tribunal administratif du logement
Managing your short tenancies
Advertising your vacant units
Signing your documents and leases electronically
Searching for data in all your companies at once
Generating management reports (PDF, Word, Excel): list of tenants, units, properties, accounts payable, etc.
Creating letter and label templates
Managing your tasks
Creating notes and reminders
Managing your works and repairs, and their respective budgets
Renewing leases and increasing rents
Managing your mortgages
Managing your tenants' files (notes, balances, and more)
Generating your RL-31 slips
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Proprio Expert Web
Proprio Expert Desktop
Managing your accounts receivable
Managing your accounts payable
Managing bad payers
Viewing your payment history
Managing your bank reconciliations
Printing cheques
Collecting rent and paying suppliers via pre-authorized debits, direct deposits, and more
Managing budgets
Printing deposit slips
Customizing your chart of accounts
Managing multiple companies
Invoicing your clients
Managing your taxes
Generating your financial statements
Customizing your reports
Managing your general journal
Managing your General Ledger
Generating exhaustive reports (journal, General Ledger, balance sheet, income statement, trial balance, age of accounts)
Filling out your TP-1086.R.23.12 forms
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Proprio Expert Web
Proprio Expert Desktop
Creating quality letters and notices with word processing
Viewing your complete communications history
Accessing the communication portal
Advertising your vacant units on Canada's most popular listing websites
Creating an unlimited number of contacts to send slips, letters, and emails
Sending text messages
Sending emails
Managing service calls
Managing rental applications
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