Software also available for purchase starting from 367$

Which ever you choose, the pricing is based on the number of apartments you manage.

 - $ 367.00
 - $ 541.00
 - $ 818.00
 - $ 1,364.00
 - $ 1,889.00
 151 units or less - Contact Us

 Free Software Updates.

Free access to Customer Service.

  No Activation Fee.

Proprio Expert Desktop Purchase  $1364100 units * Annual Service PlanIncludes all software updates, additional functionalities, daily backup copies and unlimited access to technical support by email and phone.
* Please note that your subscription will be renewed automatically.
+ $ 478


* You can deactivate the automatically renewal at any time from your account or by sending us a written notice at least 10 days before the renewal date.
* The price to add more apartments will be based on the difference obtained between the cost of the purchased license and the new license.