Rental Tracking

Stay in control of your rent collection

Track your collection in real time. Be notified when a payment request is received or opened, when the payment has been deposited, failed or returned to the recipient. In addition to knowing which tenants have paid you and which ones owe you money, you can send them payment reminders to avoid delays on their part.

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Collect your rents

With our solution, your monthly collection is easier and more efficient than the traditional rent collection. Proprio Expert automates the process and saves you time so you can develop your real estate portfolio!

Automated rent collection

Automate recurring payments in the software to collect your money while limiting your actions and potential human errors related to handling. Transactions associated with the collection of rents are automatically recorded in the accounting entries and reports can be generated to keep an eye on the cash inflow.

From anywhere, at any time

You don’t have to go anywhere to collect your money or to deposit it in the bank. No more need for cheques, paper money, physical bills and statements. Proprio Expert files all your documents in one place and keeps track of all your payment history in case of need.

Reliable and secure service

Proprio Expert’s online payment service allows you to collect your rents in complete security. Proprio Expert accompanies you in your transactions with speed and transparency throughout the process. Your financial information as well as those of your tenants will always remain confidential and protected in the software.

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Compatible with all institutions

Allow your tenants to pay their rent directly into your bank account regardless of their financial institution by taking advantage of Proprio Expert’s online payment service.

Proprio Expert, the Web solution for property management!

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