The most complete web real estate software in Quebec!

Our best residential property management software to date! We manage more than 80,000 doors!

View your rental properties online and contact potential tenants.

Manage, track and resolve work orders.

Process your payments online and receive your rent faster

Assign tasks to employees and communicate directly with your tenants while gaining key insights into your team’s performance.

Once scheduled maintenance, automatically send a notice of entry for a given period, making sure that your tenant is no stranger to strange visits.

Give the tenants the service they deserve. Tenants can send maintenance requests and communicate easily with management. Keep tenants informed by sending them important updates and memos.

Main features


Quick access to information - summary of your management and accounting

Revenue and expense management

To track your rent and manage your accounts payable


Fully integrated with your property management

Service Calls

Processing and managing requests from your tenants

Work Management

For the management and the follow-up of your works

Purchase Orders

Optimizing the management of your expenses

Rental Property

The full support of your management of your rental property


All financial reports at one place in addition to custom reports for your entire property portfolio

Communication Portal

To manage your communications internally or externally. Portal dedicated to tenants, owners, concierges and more


Complete management of your budget and comparable reports


Platform adapted for teamwork


Create your RL-31 Slip statements in less than a minute for each of your tenants

Payor's PAD

Simple file-generating tool for pre-authorized payments for rent collection


Tools for creating and editing automated and integrated letters. easy to create your rent increase letters, late payment notifications and more.


Communicate easily by sms or email with all your contacts

Data export

Easily export your data in word, excel and pdf format