The Electronic Lease

bail électronique

Print the Lease of the Tribunal Administratif du Logement Now!

What Is the Electronic Lease?

Magex Technologies has digitized and integrated the lease of the Tribunal administratif du logement to its property management software, Proprio Expert. This electronic version has all the same information as the paper version. The Tribunal accepts it, and it is perfectly legal. With this new electronic version, no need to fill out your lease by hand! Everything happens on a computer! You can even send it via email! Both parties can also sign it electronically!

Everyone should consider using Proprio Expert’s electronic leases! It is another useful feature of the most up-to-date property management software in Quebec!

How and Where to Get an Electronic Lease?

To use the electronic version of the Tribunal administratif du logement’s lease, you need to fill out each section, such as the ones for the rent, the dates, the services, the conditions, the tenants, etc. Then, click on “Export”, and select if you want to export in read mode or in edit mode.

In order to use the lease, you must buy the rights directly in Your Account on the Magex Technologies website. They are $7.95 each, and they will be stored in your file. Each time you use one, it will be deducted from your number of units. You can export your lease as many times as you want.

If you are not signed up to the software, you cannot export the leases. You must first make sure that you are properly signed up. Proprio Expert is constantly improving and reinventing itself.

Try Proprio Expert for free if you are not yet a client! You will save time, energy, and money… we promise!


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