The Infamous RL-31 Slip

The RL-31 slip was implemented after the budget of March 2015 because a change was needed with the rental tax credit. Henceforth, the tenant must have a proof of residence to benefit from this credit. The RL-31 slip is the proof, and it is given to tenants by their property owner or manager. You must give a copy to both the government (Revenu Québec) and the tenant.

How to File an RL-31 slip?

The most common way to fill your RL-31 slips is to log in to your account on the Revenu Québec website and to enter each of your tenants or sub-tenants’ information. The first year, it can take a long time. Given that you have been doing it since February 2016, some tenants should already be on your platform; you only need to add your new tenants’ information. Then, your RL-31 slips are ready!

Can This Process Be Easier?

Thanks to Proprio Expert, you can send your slips in just one click (almost). Download the file from the property management software. Once the download is complete, upload the file to your Revenu Québec account. Your RL-31 slips are generated more easily. Five minutes, and it is done!

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