The dashboard appears to you as the main page of ProEx. It is therefore important to understand it well and can be very useful. Here is the information that is made available to you via the dashboard:

Summary: You have a summary of the apartments that are rented, vacant or reserved for the period indicated on the top right. You can change these dates by clicking on the calendar to their right. In this way, you can click on each of them in order to have the details and to direct your efforts in connection with the vacant apartments for example.
Renewal, Rents Increase: This section tells you which leases are coming due in the period shown at the top right. To do this, you must click on the price of the apartment, modify it upward, produce notices of increase and send them directly to your tenants if desired and finally by clicking on increase to formalize.
Rent with balance: here you can see the rents that have not been paid and since when they are due.
Appointments, Service Calls and Jobs: In the top right corner of the dashboard are appointments, service calls and jobs that have been entered in the period specified above in addition to their status (assigned, in course, etc.). To add one of these, simply click on the plus to be able to detail the information.
Left menu: you will find, in this section, each of the tabs of the software with details of companies, buildings, apartments, etc. This section is present no matter where you are in ProEx.