You can view a multitude of reports with The Real Estate Manager Web including the tenant list, rent collection, income statement, cash flow summary and many others. Here is the procedure to view one of them:

Tab: You click on the Reports tab at the top.
Report: Choose the report you want to view and select it.
Preferences: Once opened, you will be able to change your preferences (what you want to include in the report) by checking the details above the report.
Period: To change the period of the report, you change the date from the calendar in Settings.
It is also possible to send the report being viewed by email by clicking on Send in the upper right corner and selecting the recipients, subject and message. In addition, if you want to keep the report in question for your records, you can print it in Word or PDF format by clicking on the plus at the top right and selecting the export format before printing. The file will download and you will then be able to open it.