What Is Property Management Software?

What Is the Purpose of Property Management Software?

To be a good property manager, you need skills, experience, but most importantly, the right tools. By managing and accomplishing many daily tasks, you will have to handle various documents and files. When you think of property management, your mind usually goes to the basic tasks of a landlord, but you might forget how many there actually are: leases, signatures, contact list, repairs, renewals, increases, accounting, marketing, communication…

Thankfully, there are many tools on the parket to alleviate property managers’ busy schedules. This is how the perfect tool came to be. Let’s welcome property management software!

In short, property management software will help you manage various tasks and automate some processes, so you can save time and energy.

What Are the Basic Features? 

To be useful, the platform should offer you these basic features.

Tenant, Unit, and Property Management

Great online software allows you to organize each of your tenants’ files. Thus, your platform should have a “Contacts” tab where you can consult and modify your tenants’ respective profile. 

Likewise, your software should allow you to organize your properties’ information, which includes all the units you rent.

Payment and Accounting Management

Moreover, your property management software should let you accomplish many accounting tasks. For instance, you should be able to generate reports and to manage your rent collections, your unexpected and recurring expenses, your budget, etc.

Modify and Archive Documents

Last but not least, great software allows you to modify your documents in just a few clicks. You should be able to automatically change the variables of your documents. Personalizing your leases, your renewal and increase notices, and any other communication will save you a lot of time!

Choose Proprio Expert to Upgrade Your Property Management

Of course, Proprio Expert offers you all these basic features; however, you can also enjoy many other time- and energy-saving features. We developed these functionalities to meet the specific needs of property managers. Here are our best features: 

Real Estate Accounting

Proprio Expert’s accounting section is tailored to the real estate industry. For example, you can easily view your income and expenses by company, property, or unit.

Drafting Letters and Notices

With Proprio Expert, you can draft and send letters and notices (like your RL-31 slips) in a few clicks. We offer editable templates directly on the software.

Creating and Archiving Electronic Leases

You can create electronic leases and send them to your tenants, so they can electronically sign them. Once they are signed, you can archive and consult them at any other time.

Real Estate Marketing

Thanks to Proprio Expert, you can post your vacant units on our partners’ listing websites in just a few minutes. Furthermore, you can manage your rental applications directly on the platform.

Repair and Maintenance Management

On the platform, you can manage repair requests from your tenants and keep track of their progress. You can also create maintenance files and enter your material and manpower needs. Of course, you can keep track of your budgets and communicate with your tenants, employees, and suppliers.

Communication Portal 

Thanks to the communication portal, you can keep all your communications with your tenants, janitors, owners, and managers in one place. Moreover, you can communicate through text messages and emails.

Choose Proprio Expert and Upgrade Your Property Management

Sign up to our online software starting at 2,99$ per unit per month!

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